the book

In this unique blue-and-white collection of botanical illustrations, titled Garden of Extinction, new life is given to an array of exquisite, yet endangered plants. This vibrant, hardcover book aims to inform and educate audiences of all ages, by leading them onto an enchanting cyanotype journey around the globe to discover all manner of rare and beautiful species.

You will find 36 plant illustrations on display, accompanied by a generous serving of information. Expect to gain all manner of botanical knowledge by leafing through these pages - from local diets to mythical legends. A surprising twist will greet you at the last section: Antarctica. Plants should be difficult to find here, but with rapidly rising temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere causing the icecaps to melt, they are found to be flourishing.

The publishing of this book would not have been possible without the incredible support from an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign.

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