Titan Arum



Amorphophallus titanum - This spectacular plant produces the world’s largest compound flower - 3.5m tall. It grows in the rainforests of Sumatra (Indonesia) and blooms every 7-9 years. It is pollinated by flies and beetles that are attracted to its stench of rotting flesh. Once inside the plant they are trapped and only when the plant starts withering can they escape and brush through the pollen. The flower produces its own heat to spread the smell. Red berries ripen and are eaten by rainforest birds such as hornbills. David Attenborough coined the name Titan Arum, as he considered the Latin name "too rude" for television. Sadly, Sumatra's rainforests are in severe threat of deforestation. It is estimated that Indonesia has lost 72% of its original rainforest cover and this increases. The loss of habitat is endangering key species involved in seed distribution of this giant.