Pine-Leaved Grevillea


pine leaved grevillea.jpg

Grevillea pinifolia - This is a low evergreen shrub that is native to Western Australia. It is also known as "spider" and "toothbrush" flower due to its peculiar inflorescences. It has many branches and typically grows 30-60cm high. It has simple, linear leaves about 2 inches long and 1mm wide. It blooms from July to October, producing a series of impressive flowers, red or orange in colour. These flowers are pretty irregular, with the colours varying in between. Later, it forms hairy, egg-shaped fruit that is 1cm long. It is normally found amidst low trees. Not much has been researched about this plant. However, it has only been recorded in 2 locations along the west coast of Australia, making this a rare species. This species is threatened to extinction by habitat degradation through urban development.