Green Pitcher Plant


The green pitcher plant (Sarracenia oreophila) is a carnivorous plant that has highly modified leaves which act as pitfall traps for its prey. The leaves are tapered tubes that rise from the ground up to 75cm, with a mouth of about 6-10cm in circumference. The inside of the pitcher is hairy and is heavily marked with purple veins. The plant flowers between mid April and early June. Due to growing in fairly nutrient poor areas, the green pitcher has adapted by developing its carnivorous lifestyle. They digest a wide variety of insects with the liquid that is located within the pitcher. Development for both rural and urban uses has lead to the alteration of the specific bog habitat of this plant. Pitcher plants have also been over-collected for the commercial plant trade. Previously, this plant was more widespread in the Southern United States, today it is restricted to some small populations mainly in northeast Alabama. It has also been recorded at one site in Georgia and two in North Carolina. 

green pitcher plant neg.jpg