Eye of the Crocodile Mangrove


bruguiera hainesii.jpg

Bruguiera hainesii - A beautiful mangrove species native to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It has small flowers that grow in clusters of 2-3 and are a pale yellow-green colour, overall 1.5cm wide. The flowers are pollinated by insects such as butterflies and the tree itself grows up to 30m tall. Mangrove forests are home to a variety of marine animals, as well as providing shelter for terrestrial species. The dense root systems of mangrove forests trap sediments flowing off the land, helping stabilise the coastline and prevent erosion from waves and storms. Where mangroves have been cleared, coastal damage from hurricanes is much more severe. This species has a total known population of approximately 200 trees. It has very low rates of germination and is threatened by extensive coastal development. With rising sea-levels, this species' habitat is hugely disrupted.