Caroline Ivory Nut


caroline nut palm.jpg

Metroxylon amicarum - This palm species is native to the Caroline islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. These massive palms grow up to 33m tall and have 5 metre long leaves and 9cm long fruits, which are extremely hard and covered in glossy scales. The species is found in 10 locations across the islands. Buttons are made from the nut whilst the roots and young leaves are used for traditional medicine by the local community. Furthermore, the leaves are highly valued for thatched roofs and the stem is also eaten as a form of starch. There are numerous other uses this species can provide for. However, it is threatened by habitat destruction as most of the Caroline island's forests have been degraded or converted, mainly for cultivation purposes. Any rise in sea-level or extreme typhoon events and tsunami can severely impact the habitat of this palm.