Bois Dentelle


bois dentelle.jpg

Elaeocarpus bojeri - This is a species of flowering plant, found only in Mauritius. It grows to a height of 3m and flowers from July to September. The flowers are born at the very top of the branches. They are found in clusters of over 10 florets and the flowers are of a green and white colour. There are tiny fringes that lace the edge of the flower heads.  It grows in degraded cloud forest habitat. Sadly, this species is extremely close to extinction. There are fewer than 10 individuals remaining on Mauritius, all found near an Indian temple in the Grand Bassin. Therefore, it is listed as one of the worlds 100 most threatened species. This tree is not itself exploited, but its environment has been threatened by exploitation of the land. Its environment is being overrun by more commercially attractive alien species such as Guava.